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About  Paula Oleska

Paula Oleska is a bestselling author, mindset maverick and brain-optimizing expert. Powerful professionals hire Paula to upgrade their inner and outer game to achieve outstanding success.

These days, brain is a fashionable topic and many experts talk about it. And here is Paula, with her proprietary Brain Upgrade® system based on cutting edge neuroscience. Brain Upgrade is the only method that produces immediate, measurable and permanent results, solving biggest challenges in business and in life.

Paula is a sought after international speaker and has helped over 5,000 individuals skyrocket their business and personal results. She is the author of three books, including the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Spirit of Success, and the audio program "Your Secret Brain, Discover How A Brain Upgrade Can Give You Peace Of Mind, Joy And More Fulfillment In Your Life".

Paula brings her rich and varied background into her work, including her Master's degree in languages; extensive study of neuroscience; performing arts; bodywork as well as many forms of movement education. Her students and clients are impressed with their results and love working with Paula because of her warmth, authenticity and sense of humor.



I feel like night and day! I have a balanced sense of self. I'm ready to shape my destiny - all things are possible, everything is open to me! I'll know what direction to take when the time is right. The biggest shift: I used to feel that I had to make things happen in order to create the place for me. Now I feel I don't need to create anything to be who I am. It took a big burden off of me. I was driving myself crazy: what do I need to do to create my life? Now I know that my space is secure. I don't have to do, do, do and fix, fix, fix; judge, analyze. It's a state of being. That's what I've been trying to achieve through all of my spiritual studies!

Paula, Thank you!

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