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Individual Sessions


Case studies:


Young woman was working on her Ph.D., but could not get around to writing her thesis for many months. She was so distressed about it, she even tried suicide. Then she was referred to me. After four sessions, she started to work on her thesis and without further sessions was able to complete it, defend it and get a job.


A middle-aged woman had a very difficult relationship with her parents. Every time she went back home she came back in distress and turmoil. After several months of individual sessions, she went home again and that visit went very smoothly! She started to receive weekly phone calls from her father. She was astonished, since in her whole life, he had never called her before!

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A your woman had trouble concentrating for more than 20 minutes. After three sessions she said she could concentrate for 1.5 hours. After five sessions, she said she could easily study whatever she wanted. After a year, she passed a difficult professional exam with flying colors.


A woman started a new business after just 2 months of individual sessions.

A man who worked in a bank but wanted to get a better position, had to pass a very difficult test. He was deathly afraid of tests and didn't think he had enough time to prepare. But after just four individual sessions, he developed a plan, stuck to it and passed the test. He now has his coveted position.


A businessman lost almost all of his business in a natural disaster. He was in despair and doubted if he could rebuild his business and his life. This man went from broke to $500,000 in sales in six months​.

Schedule your complimentary consultation to explore what breakthrough you would like to achieve.

(Keep in mind that this is a new, revutionary approach to making changes, unlike anything else you have experienced. It is only suitable for individuals who are open-minded and ready to create extremely rapid and profound improvements in their lives).


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