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“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” 

This is what I know: many people are overwhelmed and scared of COVID-19. What does this mean for the economy? What does this mean for my business? Will I lose my job? Will food run out at the stores?

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and scared of the uncertain future, I have a gift I want to share with you.

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Consider what it would mean if you could have total peace of mind, complete calm and mental clarity, during this pandemic, right now?

How would that affect your decisions? Your family? Your other relationships? Your health and well being? 


I would like to invite you to an Exclusive Pilot Program:

Free from Fear Now.


This is you last chance to get an inside knowledge on real stress elimination techniques!

  • How to stay calm in the current situation – beyond breathing and positive thinking

  • The secret to managing your emotions – even if you tried everything else

  • Lifetime access to 5 powerful videos full of actionable content

The registration ends on Tuesday May 12th. 

Here is the link to register


I am a brain-optimizing expert and this program will allow you to tap into your brain’s secrets to achieve results IMMEDIATELY! 

It will restore your peace of mind, resilience, mental clarity and calm.

This what my clients have said:

“I was freaked out by the quarantine and the drastic action my government is taking about the virus. I feel much calmer after the session and can go back to work!”

Regional Director for an International non-profit, Africa


“I had to cancel my vacation, lost a client and I’m stuck working from home. I was disoriented and on a verge of panic. With Paula’s powerful method, after just one hour I can now think clearly and make better decisions”

Business coach


Imagine becoming creative again, seeing new solutions and oportunities.  Imagine enjoying your time during "social distancing" and being able to use it  productively. Imagine playing with your family instead being worried  about their future.

You can achieveit all - with a new way of tapping into your brais secrets.

This is for you if you want:

  • to take immediate action that brings immediate results

  • to have a proven system and structure that has helped hundreds of people over the thirty years of my teaching practice

  • to be in a supportive community 


In this one of a kind program, you will learn:

  • Why you cannot “just let go” of fear, and what to do instead to gain instant calm and clarity.

  • Special actives that will calm down your brain’s amygdala (the fight/flight center), to leave you feeling confident and safe.

  • Beyond breathing - new techniques to keep your emotions balanced and stable 

  • And more!

You will feel a measurable difference NOW and become FREE FROM FEAR in just five weeks! And you’ll be able to think clearly during stressful and challenging situations.

How will this Exclusive Online Pilot Program work for you?


  • The program will have five modules

  • Modules will be prerecorded

  • They will be released on Fridays, starting on May 15th

  • You will have a week to study and practice the material

  • The following Friday at 6.30 pm EST, you will have a Q&A call with me

  • The calls will have a dual purpose: you can get clarification on the module and also give me feedback on how the module is working for you

  • You will have a lifetime access to the modules

  • All for a one-time incredibly low fee of $197!



Because I need your feedback to make into a stand-alone program. When this program is released, the fee will be much higher!


Conditions to join my Exclusive Pilot Audience:

  • Commitment to do the work

  • Show up to Q&A calls

  • Be willing to do a testimonial (preferably on video, but written will also be accepted)

  • The audience is limited to only 10 - 15.

  • This program doesn't offer a money-back guarantee

You can register HERE

"Both professionally and personally, I have found Paula's exercises very helpful, improving coordination, balance, motivation and mood".

Program coordinator, learning center



This invitation is expires on Tuesday, May 12 at midnight!


Here again is the link to REGISTER.

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